(Lease with an Option to Buy)
(you don't need any credit if you work with us)

We are just looking for a few good people, just like the marines.  We want to find only the serious future homeowners.  We do not know you and we do not know what kind of credit history that you have, all we want you to do is to prove to us that you are serious in your pursuit of having your very own property. We will owner finance your property for you if you can prove to us that you are a good payer.  We don't care if you pay anybody else; all that we care about is if you pay us.  

Most people that buy a home go to a bank or some other financial institution and borrow the money they need to buy a property. Most of the loans are 30-year loans at a fixed interest rate.  You might qualify for such a loan after you prove to them that your credit is very good.  This process usually takes six weeks or longer and if you can qualify you will have to pay several thousands of dollars of closing costs up front.  These closing costs do not go to the seller, it is just the price that you have to pay in order to borrow money from a bank.  So six weeks later and lots of money for the closing costs you finally get a key.

With us, if you have the option payment plus the first month's lease payment, you can get a key and move in right away.

If you have the money, you get the key.

There will be a lease contract and an option to purchase contract to fill out and sign.  You want everything to be in writing, signed by all the parties involved.  This will protect you and myself and make sure that we have a good understanding that we can agree on.  

We kind of put you on probation for the first 5 years with the lease option.  We just want you to prove to us that you are a serious homebuyer by paying your rent responsibly for the first five years.  We give you credit for the 5 years of payments that you have already paid, now you just owe for the remaining 25 years.  Your payment amount stays the same.  It is really pretty simple.  

After the 5-year period you will have to pay $1800 for this closing up front.  The money will all go to the closing costs and the cost of the attorney to draw up all of the paperwork.  The attorney will create a contract for deed for you and a 25-year fixed interest rate mortgage for us.  The interest rate is usually somewhere between 10% and 13% (as of 2/21/2018, it is 8.25%).  You will walk away from the closing with a contract for deed in your name, congratulations!